Academics & Evaluation

Education is not preparation for life but life itself

Keeping the above quote in mind. Our curriculum is carefully planned to meet the needs of all the students. Most of all, the curriculum challenges children to apply their theoretical knowledge to create new concrete knowledge. We take pride in our strong academic arena.

Nursery Infant - Prep I - V VI - VIII IX - X
English English English English English
Hindi Hindi Hindi Hindi Hindi
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
Poem Recitatioy EVS Science Sanskrit Science
Activity Computer Education Social Science Science Social Science
Art Education Art Education Computer Education Social Science Computer Education
Physical Edu. Physical Education Art Education Computer Education
  General Knowledge Art Education
  General Knowledge
XI-XII (Science) XI-XII (Commerce) CCE System & Grading
English English Formative Assessment I (Project Skill)
Physics Accountancy Formative Assessment II (Oral & Writing Skills)
Chemistry Economics Summative Assessment I (Written Exams)
Maths Business Studies Formative Assessment III (Outdoor Activity)
Biology Maths Formative Assessment IV (Work Experience)
C++ C++ Summative Assessment II (Written Exams)
Physical Edu. Physical Edu.  
Gen. Comp. Gen. Comp.  

Code of Behaviour

"Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability."

  • Properly dressed i.e. school uniform.
  • Time Punctuality has to be maintained
  • Insufficient attendance i.e. less than 75% or pro longed absence.
  • Misbehavior or indecency with the teachers or among the peer group will not be entertained.
  • Possession of expensive items or Jewellery by the scholars' will not be allowed in the school premises.